About Us

SARILAR GROUP, started to serve various Public Institutions and Organizations in 1993, has reached a respectable position with its activities both in public and private sector by expanding its field of activity and increasing its business volume.

Our Company, Mevsim İstanbul Gayrimenkul Yatırımları Anonim Şirketi, which aims to bring a new “Season” to our people since establishment of its affiliate company, meets the needs of our people through excellent projects together with its Disciplined, Honest, Accountable and Hardworking team, where architecture, engineering and quality come to the fore; safety, comfort are drawn together as well as environment and green is protected.

With its head office in Istanbul, the Company continues to operate through its branch offices and construction sites located in various provinces throughout Turkey. Revealing its difference through its projects, Mevsim İstanbul A.S., stands out in the sector with its quality in projects such as Mevsim İstanbul Kağıthane, Mevsim İstanbul Çengelköy, Mevsim İstanbul Başakşehir and Mevsim İstanbul Bahçeşehir. Mevsim İstanbul A.S., continues to be a sought-after brand in everybody’s dream houses with its environmentally friendly structures, different architectural designs, and habitable spaces it creates.
Today, Sarılar Group continues its activities as both an entrepreneur, a contractor, and a manufacturer in addition to various infrastructure and superstructure works such as business centres, housing, shopping malls, road construction and leasing operations covering all kinds of vehicles and construction equipment.
Having increased its reputation in the sector with its business principle based on quality awareness and customer satisfaction, Sarılar Group gets strength from its past achievements while stepping into new sectors and is proud to provide employment for more than 25 years by relying on soundness of its principles.

Ahmet SARI


In Summary

Our Vision

To follow-up the developments in our sector closely and build a future by using existing values and ensure the highest level of satisfaction of our residents, who will use such areas for generations and as well to be recognized as the best company in its field.

For Our Residents

To manage our housing together with our Mevsim İstanbul residents where people can experience security, comfort, quality and aesthetic in one. To protect living spaces where green and nature are conserved as much as possible. To ensure the highest level of satisfaction of our residents who will use these spaces for generations.

For Our Employees

To be a company where justice and common sense prevail for employees, innovative ideas are supported, success targets are clearly and explicitly stated and rewarded at the level of achieving goals, and people are happy and proud to work.

Environmental Policy

We, as Mevsim İstanbul, in all stages of our activities,  intend to ensure protection of environment by preventing air, water and soil pollution through waste reduction and recycling and to reduce use of natural resources and develop an effective environmental management system by focusing on consumption of recyclable materials as much as possible, and to protect and continuously improve it  in accordance with national and international laws and regulations in communication and  cooperation with non-governmental organizations and our other stakeholders.